SPS -1088

This system is specifically designed for the study of transdermal delivery of drugs via iontophoresis. Iontophoretically driven lateral transport within the skin and back across the skin can be investigated.



  • The cell provides a better approximation of the in vitro situation than do conventional side by side cells, because both electrodes may be applied to the same side of the skin / membrane.
  • The cell top is made of Teflon material and the cell is made of glass.
  • Drugs in paste, gel or other non-liquid forms can be applied to the skin surface. A central chamber isolates the skin in the electrode chamber.


Glikfield, P., Cullander, C., Hinz, R.,and Guy, R., “A New System for in vitro Studies of Iontophoresis” Pharmaceutical Research 5(7) pp. 443-446 (1988)