14/20 Adapter


Item Code: LGA-1083-A

The adapter’s 7mm outer port connects to a vacuum pump; its 14/20 ground glass joint fits into a vapor trap.

Spin Bars


Item Code: LGA-SB-8

Spin Bars – 8mm x 1.5mm

90° Glass Connector


Item Code: LGA-RAC

These are used to re-direct the air supply tubing towards the rear; preventing bending and crimping of tubing.

Pinch Clamp 18A


Item Code: LGA-1083-18A

Secures evaporation cell LG-1083-EC to penetration cell LG-1083-PC

PTFE Connectors


Item Code: LGA-PTFE

These Teflon and/or Kel-F connectors facilitate delivery of receptor solution to and from diffusion cells.

Bubble Trap


Item Code: LGA-BT

When placed in the line delivering receptor solution to the cell, the bubble trap prevents air pockets from forming under the skin or membrane. Trapped air may be removed with a syringe.

Cell Top


Item Code: LGA-1083-CT

Used in place of an evaporation cell when a penetration cell alone is required. The cell top can hold a small skin or membrane sample or contain a liquid topical preparation.

Vapor Trap


Item Code: LGA-VT

The vapor trap can be packed with absorbent and periodically removed and assayed for substances evaporated from the surface of the skin or membrane sample. The male 14/0 joint fits into an evaporation cell.

I.V. Bag Manifold


Item Code: LGA--IV -3

The ribbed end fits directly into a standard I. V. bag filled with receptor solution. The manifold distributes the receptor solution to three units simultaneously. A removable plug at one end makes cleaning the manifold easy.

Water Supply Manifold


Item Code: LG-1083-OM

Four glass water supply manifolds are included in the system to distribute water to the jackets of three evaporation/penetration cell units. The manifolds mount on the LGA stand. Their inlet ports are 8mm and their outlet ports are 4mm.



Item Code: LGA-VS & LGA-S

The Variomag HP6 magnetic stirrer is available alone or with a stainless stand that slides onto the stirrer. The stainless steel stand holds six LGA cells and four water supply manifolds. The Variomag stirrer can be removed from the stand and be used for other tasks in the laboratory. The magnetic stirrers of the MULTIPOINT series are universal multiple stirrers for chemical, biotechnical and medical applications.



Item Code: LGA-1084-SC, LGA-1084-MC LGA-1084-LC

Our stainless steel clamp design allows a more even and secure skin sample seal than using pinch clamps. The clamp is available in three sizes to fit small, medium and large LGA cells.

Features of the Variomag Multipoint 6 are:

  • Stainless steel housing, hermetically sealed
  • Rotation speed range from 80rpm to 2000 rpm
  • Rotation power adjustable in 4-steps (5/10/15/20 Watt); higher power for large and viscous stirring volume, reduced power for heat free long term use.
  • 4-digit LED display for precise indication of the pre-set rotation speed as well as the power setting.
  • Memory function stores the last settings used


Type: Multiple magnetic stirrer MULTIPOINT HP 6 and HP 6 P
Stirring points: 6
Distance between stirring points: 130 mm
Stirring volume: 1 - 800 or 1500 ml (6 x 2000 ml beakers)
Stirring power: 7 W and 20 W
Speed range: 100 - 850 1/min
Dimensions (WxDxH): 240 x 420 x 35 mm
Weight: Approx. 7.5 kg
Permissible ambient conditions: -10° to +56° C at 100% air humidity
Permissible operating temp. in water: -
Operating voltage (stirring drive): 12 VDC and 18 VDC

Power supply unit:

Power supply unit: Plug-in power supply unit 12 VDC bench power supply unit, 18 VDC
Output voltage: 12 VDC (standard) and 18 VDC (P)
Input voltage / frequency: Standard version: 110-120 VAC / 60 Hz P version: 110-115 VAC / 60 Hz
Secondary cable 2 m Power supply unit included in delivery

Extension units and accessories:

Other mains voltage available upon request. Operation independent of mains (standard): connector cable to 12