For Transdermal Delivery Studies

The diagram shows how a typical penetration/evaporation system is set-up. A sample of the membrane or excised skin is placed over the penetration cell, dermal side down, and is held in place with an o-ring. After the topical preparation is applied to the surface of the skin or membrane, an evaporation cell is clamped over it.


To measure penetration through the skin or membrane, a receptor solution is pumped from an i.v. bag through a manifold and into the receptor compartment of the penetration cell where it bathes the underside of the skin or membrane (the dermal side of the skin). The receptor solution then exits to a fraction collector where the appearance of the compound(s) of interest in the fractionated outflow gives a measure of percutaneous absorption over time.

Diffusion cells are used to measure the penetration of cosmetics, toxin or drugs into and through the skin or membrane. Evaporation cells are used to measure the evaporation of these substances from the skin, a measurement that also affects penetration and can answer the question of how much of a topical preparation simply stays on or in the skin. Penetration and evaporation values obtained with diffusion cells can approximate the values obtained using in vivo methods such as tape-stripping, urinalysis/radioassay, and punch biopsy.

We have worked closely with local universities and research facilities to develop our line of diffusion cells for in vitro skin studies. In addition to our line of diffusion cells, we can also manufacture a custom cell design.

Summary Chart of Cell Designs

SPS -1083 SPS-1084 SPS-1088*
Model No. LGA-1083 LGA-1084 (3 sizes: S, M, L) LGA-1088
Type Evaporation / Penetration Penetration Iontophoresis*
Cell Exposure 1.1cm / 1cm 1cm2, 3.1cm2, 5cm2
Receptor Volume 3.2ml 3ml, 4.5ml, 5.5ml

A set includes: six cells, six tops, six clamps, six Spin Bars™, six PTFE connectors, four three-outlet manifolds and one six-outlet I. V. bag manifold.

The Variomag™ electronic stirrer and the LGA stand are sold separately. The LGA stand will hold six cells, four water manifolds and a Variomag Stirrer in place.

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* Iontophoresis cells are manufactured on demand. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.